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Little Caesars Bowl may survive Lion attack

The Bowl might lose Ford field but don't expect the Pizza Bowl to go down without a fight!


Long story short, nobody knows what's going to happen with the Lions Bowl. Nobody knows if the Lions are going to get a Bowl and nobody knows if the Big Ten will play opposite of the ACC in the Bowl. Even if such an arrangement comes to pass nobody knows if it would be played each and every year.

Little Caesars might look to Comerica Park if Lions get new bowl game | The Detroit News |
However, a source told The Detroit News that a Big Ten-ACC matchup would not necessarily occur every year. The source requested anonymity because plans have not been finalized.

However the Little Caesars Bowl is not going to wait for the Detroit Lions to make good, and honestly is waiting for the Lions to make good ever a wise course of action?

The organizers behind the bowl game are heavily invested in Detroit, in fact they own a share of the Tigers and they have indicated a potential Pin Stripe bowl it they are evicted from Ford Field.

"It's our intention to stay at Ford Field, and if they (Lions) don't get a Big Ten game, that could happen. We would also consider the possibility of playing at another location. I believe Mr. (Mike) Ilitch and Little Caesars would be willing to look into the possibility of playing the Little Caesars Bowl at Comerica Park, similar to what Yankee Stadium does with the Pinstripe Bowl." - Little Caesars Pizza Bowl executive director Ken Hoffman

It's nice to see the Little Caesars sponsors fighting for the game, but it's even more of a relief to see that the potential Lions Bowl is so in flux. There is a chance that it does not happen, or that the MAC will somehow be involved.