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Saying Goodbye to Brian Archie

The UB Track team has taken upon themselves to set up page allowing people to contribute to a college fund for his son, Jayden. I urge you to consider a donation.

It's been a couple of days since the tragic loss of Brian Archie and still for friends and family it still feels surreal.

Archie, who only turned 22 last week, was found dead in his campus apartment on Monday morning. Quickly the shock of that loss reverberated through the UB and Niagara Falls community community. During his sort time on this earth Archie touched many lives, many people who feel as though the world lost one of those rare individuals who makes everyone around them a better human being.

Archie used his gifts to escape the gang life of Niagara Falls. Before he was even in the third grade there was the very real danger that he could be taken, like so many young men, by the gang feuds all around him.

His Mother ever watchful lovingly guided him towards a life of study and accomplishment. By the time he was tearing up the track at Niagara it was clear that Archie was going to escape the trap. Despite moving beyond the violence Brian never forgot the friends he grew up with. He often lamented the child hood friends who he could not convince to look for something better than the gangs.Though not always successful he never stopped trying.

Brian was a loving father to Jayden, a son to Brian and Olympia, a brother to Brandon, Lateaf and Salmod, Jerica, Bria, Brionna, and Breajah. His family shared him with countless of people who were touched and inspired by this special young man.

Brian embodied everything good about College Athletics, he took his scholarship and jumped at every opportunity being at UB presented him. He was, as some describe him, a renaissance man. Archie wrote poetry, read every book he could get his hands on, and enjoyed traditional African dance. There was nothing which seemed beyond his reach.

Wednesday night many assembled at UB Stadium for a candle light vigil to honor their fallen friend. Fittingly the crowd was diverse. Brian was loved so many different kinds of people because he gave love to them. Every award he won on the track, or in the classroom are easily eclipsed by the friends whos lives were enriched just by their proximity to him.

Visitation for Brian will be this Friday 10 AM-12 Noon in the Mt. Zion Baptist Church, 1334 Calumet Ave. Funeral to follow at Noon. Arrangements by WILLIAMSON FUNERAL HOME, 635 Main Street.