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Jake Schum signs with the browns

Former UB Punter, and Buff State transfer, Jake Schum signed with the Cleveland Browns.

Jacob Schum came to UB supplement Peter Fardon. Schum was the power punter who averaged 38.5 yards per punt in 2010, including 13 fair catches and 13 inside the 20. Schum started out a little rough around the edges after transferring from DIII Buff State but by the time his first season was over he had settled nicely into the role of primary punter.

In 2011 schum upped his average punt to 39 yards, which given UB's kick coverage at the time was pretty impressive. Schum has a monster leg and can put impressive time and distance on a punt if given the space to do it.

Jacob Schum had the best punting year for UB since we won the MAC title. He had length, and more importantly a lot of hang time on his kicks. -- Fan Stampede member Chi-Town

The browns are in need of a punter because Reggie Hodges becomes a free agent March 12. Rather than go the route of a very late draft pick, or UDFA the browns are signing punters now.

Schum will be competing with Spencer Lanning who has camped with the Browns, Jaguars, and Jets in the NFL and then last season with the Sacramento Mountain Lions of the UFL.

Here is schum showing NFL scouts what he can do with the ball