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Talking Bull - Alabama and its recent turnover

If you're Nick Saben ver to early to start replacing the player you will have to kick out for thuggin' around.


The long road from free ride to "booted out" is over for Tyler Hayes, defensive lineman D.J. Pettway, defensive back Eddie Williams, and running back Brent Calloway

Arrested Alabama football players booted from program -
Alabama announced Wednesday that the four suspended and arrested Crimson Tide players are no longer members of the program. Linebacker Tyler Hayes, defensive lineman D.J. Pettway, defensive back Eddie Williams, and running back Brent Calloway are all gone.

It's a tale of four athletes mugging a fellow student for his credit card and then... wait for it....

Using that card to hit the vending machines.. No problem! I am sure there is a boat load of top150 prospects looking to join... You know kids 3 months from graduating.


How to recruit an 8th grade football player: Tips for Alabama and LSU -
I would make sure to get Nick Saban's musical likes. He'd say, "Oh, I like Kanye," and I'd go, "Oh, I guess that's cool for an old person, since I'm really into Gunplay."

I know the SEC fans love to needle Kiffin but quite honestly he was a prototypical SEC coach (albeit an unsuccessful one)

Last night UB was not the only suqad to go down in overtime

Akron Battles Back, Beats Ohio 88-81 In Overtime - Hustle Belt
Wednesday night's rematch between Akron and Ohio lived up to all the hype. Akron came back from a big halftime deficit to win 88-81 in overtime.

Ok my dream now is for Akron to win out, yes even over Buffalo, and then lose to the Bulls in the MACC game. By the time Akron gets to the MACC their RPI should be sub 30 and they may be ranked in the high teens in national polls.

That would make the MAC a two bid league.

Wrestlers fighting off the matt... for a good cause

UB Wrestling Offers Support in its Annual Trip to Roswell Park - Buffalo Athletics
Members of the The University at Buffalo wrestling staff and team took some time away from preparing for the Mid-American Conference tournament to visit Carly's Club at Roswell Park Cancer Institute. The group was given a tour of the facilities and met with young cancer patient and her mother, who the team is supporting this season with a $5,000 donation made from the $15,000 in total funds raised by the Takedown Cancer event

When I grandfather got cancer Rosewell added a few years to his life once the Canadian system told him he was too old to treat. They are fantastic.

Bills have money to spend.

It's a franchise that has not made an exceptional player personnel decision since the mid 90's, so don't hold your breath.

Buffalo Bills Have $23 Million In Cap Space For 2013 NFL Free Agency - Buffalo Rumblings
Following several releases and the retirement of Chris Kelsay, the Buffalo Bills are now $23 million under the cap two weeks before the start of free agency.