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Khalil Mack Breaks the all time NCAA record for Forced Fumbles

Kevin Hoffman-USA TODAY Sports

For a moment it looked like Miami Quarterback Drew Kummer was going to break lose a long run to help spark some offense for the the ailing RedHawks, then Khalil Mack ran him down and forced his second fumble of the game. With the forced fumble Mack moved his career number to 15 breaking the old record which was held by five other players.

As a freshman Khalil Mack forced just two fumbles but the Fort Piece native brought his game up as the years went on. In his Sophomore season he forced five fumbles and he followed that with four more in his junior season.

So far this season Mack has four forced fumbles so far and there is anywhere between one and three games remaining.


Update: With his 3rd forced fumble of the Game Mack extends his NCAA record