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NFL Sunday Action - Green Bay's James Starks Highlights the day

Bruce Kluckhohn-USA TODAY Sports

With James Starks back on the field and Eddie Lacy at 100% Green bay has a Thunder and Thunder (not a typo this tiue) Backfield. Both backs are busing runners. Starks is a bit less of a bruser but he and Lacy are great at gutting out an extra yard or two when the plaay seems dead.

Brandon McCarthy developing a complete offense - ESPN
With James Starks back from a knee injury that kept him out for three weeks, the Packers have a pair of running backs capable of big performances. Starks rushed for 132 yards in Week 2 after Lacy was knocked out against the Washington Redskins because of a concussion. He came back from his knee injury as good as -- if not better than -- than he was before.

This weekend against the Vikings Starks and Lacy provided the Packers with a consistent punishing run game that wore down Minnesota.

Starter Pack: The Lacy-Starks power punch - Green Bay Packers Blog - ESPN
"He’s a great slasher in every sense of the word," quarterback Aaron Rodgers said of Starks. "He made some great cuts [and had] a big touchdown run for us. Eddie was just pounding it. He’s tough to bring down. He’s like a bowling ball in there. I’m really proud of the job those guys did, but the offensive line again deserves a lot of credit."

On the day Starks carried the 7 times for 57 yards including a 25 yard touchdown early in the 4th to open up a 31-14 lead, pretty much putting the Viking's out of the game.

Starks has battled injury and the occasional stint in the coaches dog house at Green Bay. He should pick up the phone and make a call to former teammate Josh Thomas in Carolina.

Josh Thomas goes from starter to inactive - NFL Nation Blog - ESPN
"Melvin White has done a really nice job,'' Rivera said. "JT (Thomas) is struggling with it right now.''

Thomas was injured against the Bills and his replacement the following week has caught fire. Thomas was put on the inactive list last week. Maybe he's not 100% after the concussion or maybe the starter just has to work a few things out.

Down in Tampa Bay Steven Means is seeing some time on the field as a backup, making a tackle against the Panthers, but Trevor Scott is not getting has been cut.

Editing out the following because I did not see he had been cut.

Tampa Bay Buccaneers: Who is Trevor Scott and Why Should He Be Starting? - Yahoo Sports
Why He (Scott) Should Start -- Tampa Bay needs help on its defensive line. Gerald McCoy and Clayborn attract most of the attention, but the Bucs are not generating enough pass rush upfront. Much of that blame must fall on defensive end Te'o-Nesheim. He's the Achilles heel of the defense and it's not close.

When used right Scott is a gifted pass rusher. He proved that at Oakland and his numbers when playing for Tampa are not all that shoddy. In 46 snaps Scott has two tackles, typically there are 50-60 snaps in a game.