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Talking Bull - If you thought WMU's Helmets were bad...

Check our Akron Basketball's new shirts!

This could be the start of an ugly trend.

Akron's new basketball jerseys eligible for Follow Friday -
It's not uncommon to see a team advertising its Twitter handle on the floor and hashtags in the endzone, but as of yet, throwing Twitter handles on jerseys hasn't really caught on. You'll see artists tossing their handle on mixtapes or social media 'experts' putting their @ all over their business cards or in the email signatures, so it was only a matter of time.

Just think of all the money these universities could get for turning these kids into billboards. How about @viagara or #PennyStocks?

Speaking of Ugly Trends, have you seen what hte B1G is talking about yet again?

Big Ten football schedule could move to 9 or 10 conference games -
Adding games would be a problem for teams that already have out-of-conference games scheduled in the future - as well as teams counting on playing four opponents, typically easier ones, out of conference in hopes of attaining bowl eligibility.

10 conference games in a 12 game schedule? But that would mean only a max of seven home games instead of eight. It would also mean that if you wanted to play anyone of note, like a team from another power conference, you're down to 6 home games.

Losing a home game is losing, literally, millions of dollars in revenue. It's also kicking one of those structural advantages that the big boys enjoy.

And yet another disturbing trend

Recruiter, prospect relationships could change in wake of new rules - ESPN
The dynamics of those relationships are about to change, perhaps irrevocably. New reforms passed this month are setting the recruiting world up for an avalanche on Aug. 1. On that date, college coaches can begin texting and calling 2014 prospects as much as they want. The deregulation of communication is poised to redefine, both in the eyes of coaches and prospects, what exactly makes a good recruiter.

Yea a bunch of 18 year old kids getting through HS don't have enough to worry about without some 50 year old coach polluting their face book timeline ;)

Paging Jeff Quinn, Paging Jeff Quinn,,

Johnny Manziel backup Jameill Showers to transfer from Texas A&M -
Texas A&M backup quarterback Jameill Showers is transferring from the program to explore his options elsewhere. Showers, who just completed his sophomore season, would have continued to play behind Heisman winner Johnny Manziel for the next two seasons had he stayed in College Station.

If at first you don't succeed? Bring in aother transfer.

Show me the money!

The Spectrum dives into the UB Athletics account book.

Numbers never lie - Sports - The Spectrum - The Universty of Buffalo
Balancing the athletic budget is a huge part of that. In the 2011-12 academic year, the school made $1 billion and spent $870.8 million. Athletics alone accounted for $27.5 million in revenue and expenses, breaking even by only $2,000.

Toronto Bills will be around for another five years

Buffalo Bills Toronto Series Extended For Five Years, Per Report - Buffalo Rumblings
The series is universally reviled by Bills fans, and even players have gotten in on the act. Bills center Eric Wood popularly called the series "a joke" in December following a 50-17 loss to the Seattle Seahawks at the Rogers Centre.

Wood makes a good point that the Toronto game is a lost home game, and lost home field advantage for the Bills. At least they nixed the idea of doing two games per year.

Speaking of being extended?

Decision Time: Should Mikhail Grigorenko Stay Or Should He Go? - Die By The Blade
Mikhail Grigorenko's tryout period is up. He's played five games, and if he plays one more, he'll have to stay in the NHL for the rest of the season. We asked a few of our writers to share their opinion on whether he should stay in the NHL or go back to Quebec, and we're interested in hearing yours as well.