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College Football Recruiting - Jacob Martinez Verbals to Buffalo

Jacob Martinez a dual threat Quarterback and the Panhandle player of the year has given a verbal commitment to play football for the Buffalo Bulls.

Martinez led his school to an 8-3 impressive mark of eight wins against five losses and a playoff berth with 1,181 yards passing and added 1,007 on the ground. He threw for 12 touchdowns, rushed for 17 and returned a kickoff and a punt for a score. His 114 total points on the season lead the area.

In Buffalo offense it's possible that Martinez could switch to a slot wide receiver, but given Coach Quinn's recent infatuation with a read option based offense a player with Martinez's running ability could compete as a quarterback.

Martinez despite being a playmaker is touted by his coach as looking to dish the ball around as much as possible.

“But he was really able to use the other people on the field. He didn’t have to have 100 yards rushing and 200 yards passing every Friday night, he did what the team needed to do to win.” -- Bozeman coach Loren Tillman