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Talking Bull - T'eo Was talking to a man

Should ... Have ... Sent ... A ... Poet

It's a Man Baby!
It's a Man Baby!
New Line Cinema - IMDB

It's a Man, baby!

Ok I am going to hang up my Notre Dame fan hat on jump on the band wagon. This Manti Te'o things has just gotten so epically funny that even Irish fans have to start laughing! Everyone put deadspin on your Christmas list for getting the ball rolling on this... NOW!

Lawyer -- Ronaiah Tuiasosopo was voice talking to Manti Te'o - ESPN
The lawyer for the man who has been identified as behind the hoax, Ronaiah Tuiasosopo, told the New York Daily News that his client disguised his voice and assumed the identity of Lennay Kekua to try to develop a relationship with Te'o.

Most Dysfunctional bromance ever!

There are way too many jokes in here for me to even start. I feel like Dale Gribble holding back on Bill about joining the Harmonaholics, we can all learn something from King of the Hill.

To be totally fair to T'eo some tech was used to make the voice sound impressively feminine, you can hear them on SBNation.

Lennay Kekua voice mails: Someone definitely called Manti Te'o -
Te'o provided the three recorded voicemails to Katie Couric, who in turn posted them on her site (if that link isn't working, try again in a few ... it comes and goes)

Whats more embarrassing than the T'eo situation? How about NCAA Compliance

They had Miami dead to rights on something that made the Reggie Bush or Terrelle Pryor incidents look like jaywalking and they botched it...

NCAA botches Miami investigation: Your rules are not law, Mark Emmert -
Hello, non-lawyer friends. By now you've heard that the NCAA is conducting an internal investigation after discovering that its enforcement staff worked with Nevin Shapiro's attorneys to depose witnesses on their behalf. In case you're a non-lawyer you might not know what any of that means, I'm going to conduct a Q&A with my old buddy the fake non-lawyer to explain everything to you.

Thats right there is a chance that Miami is going to skate on this one but the person who may have screwed it up swears they did nothing wron.

Lawyer in NCAA's Miami Hurricanes investigation says she's a 'patsy' - ESPN
The attorney for former Miami booster Nevin Shapiro says she's the NCAA's "patsy" and questioned the sports governing body's motives in its investigation of the Hurricanes, she told the South Florida Sun Sentinel. The NCAA said Wednesday its enforcement staff worked with Shapiro's defense attorney to obtain information improperly through a bankruptcy proceeding that did not involve its investigation of Miami.

Around Buffalo -

Buffalo Sabres take their first loss

Sabres at Hurricanes Recap: Sabres Lose First Of The Season 6-3 - Die By The Blade
Sabres started very sluggishly. Lots of sloppy play in the offensive zone including multiple instances of the classic "drop pass to no one."

Had to happen sometime just hate to see it happen because the Sabres were flat.

Buffalo Bills Draft News

2013 NFL Draft Prospects: Ryan Nassib Top Syracuse Target - Buffalo Rumblings
Seven of Marrone's assistants at Syracuse - headlined by offensive coordinator and quarterbacks coach Nathaniel Hackett - are now assistants with the Bills. ...

Naturally, the next question to ponder is which Syracuse prospects the Bills might pursue in the 2013 NFL Draft. You know the big name - mostly because he's (Ryan Nassib) a quarterback - but there are five prospects of various reputations worth keeping an eye on.

I am still in the camp that says the Bills will not manage to be successful until they get a franchise quarterback and they don't have one on the roster so at least they might be looking.