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UB Fan Stampede...

It's that time again!
It's that time again!

With football season rapidly approaching it's time to start assembling the motley crew of UBNation fans and see what they think were in for between now and November, or January for you hopeless optimist.

Luckily when you take enough fans and put them in a room even the most seemingly moribund team has some true Believers. This summer the kid who still believes in unicorns and Santa is Conrad! Of the four respondents Conrad is the only one who see's UB having a winning record this season.

His prediction is that the Bull's go 7-5 overall and win five games in the division. That, he thinks, is good for second in the east and a Bowl game (Detroit here we come?).

On the other end of the Spectrum is 2010, who sees the Quinn administration take a step back this season. Just two wins over FCS teams. Well one over Morgan State and one over UMass.

Game by Game Predictions and notes after the Jump:

Game Tim Conrad David Scott
Georgia L L L L
Morgan W W W W
Kent L W L W
Uconn L L L L
Ohio L W L L
Pitt L W L L
Toledo L L L L
Miami W L L W
Umass W W W W
Record 4-8 7-5 2-10 5-7
Conf 3-5 5-3 1-7 4-4

About the only things everyone agrees is that we will lose to Georgia, UConn, Toledo, and WMU and Beat Morgan state and UMass.

There is also some consensus that we *should* beat Kent. Both people who picked UB to lose said it would be their most disappointing loss of the season.

Conrad things our most difficult loss will come at the hands of Miami and ChiTown sees our pain in a loss to Western Michigan (unless the cubit cycle is in full effect I don't see how losing to WMU will be painful this season).

The picks for Big Wins: NIU - Tim, Pitt - Conrad, Miami - ChiTown, and UMass by 2010. David noted that when you only get two wins is picking the "big one" really hard?

Branden Oliver is the early favorite to be the teams MVP getting three of the votes. The fourth vote, by 2010, went to Khalil Mack.

Finally, is any preseason fan discussion complete until seed for a quarterback controversy been planted?

Everyone agrees that the "or" on the spring depth chart is largely symbolic. Zordich is the favorite and it's doubtful anything happens this August to change that.

But if things don't go well in the early weeks what will happen behind center?

It's not surprising that our one optimist sees no need for a change. Alex Zordich will start 13 games this season and lead UB to their second Bowl in team history.

Everyone else is up in the air. I think at some point this year Quinn will pull the plug on Zordich and inject Licata. Joe Licata being a red shirt freshman will be allowed to flop around a bit and will likely finish the season behind center. ChiTown, being the rebel that he is, thinks that by the time Bowling Green rolls around it will be Tony Daniel getting the start (not sure if that's before Licata gets a chance or not).


Thanks to ChiTown, 2010, and Conrad for sharing their thoughts. So what do you guys think, who is closest on their game by game prediction?