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Oliver for the Heisman? Not as unlikely as you might think!

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Could Branden Oliver make Heisman noise?

This is not a "Hunt for the Heisman" post the ill fated attempt by Temple to get Bernard Pierce noticed in the Heisman hunt several years ago brought nothing but mockery, and rightly so. But looking at Oliver, and looking at the people noticing Oliver makes me wonder. Could Branden catch the eyes of sports casters, coaches, and other mucky mucks in College Football? After all if a Junior can get on the Doak Walker, the Walter Camp, and the Maxwell lists why not a Senior on the Heisman lists?

He's not going to be on the list this season, for the same reason Pierce never had a chance his Junior year? or was that his Sophomore year?

The last mid Major player to win the Heisman was BYU Quarterback Ty Detmer, that is if you call BYU a "Mid-Major". The last player from a school I truly consider a mid Major was Houston's Andre Ware. Besides the unofficial lists are out and Oliver is nowhere to be seen. If he survives the non conference slate with good numbers he *might* emerge on some underdog lists but the chances that the media will take a Back from Buffalo with one good season under his belt seriously are pretty thin.

So what will Bo need to do to get noticed for next seasons lists? Well a repeat of last years success would do the trick and is possible. The line this season should be as good, if not better than last seasons.

I've often complained about Coach Quinn's play calling, or player calling (How were not not playing Clarke from the get go last year). Depite the gripes I have to acknowledge that the depth on the UB line has been steadily building for two seasons. Despite losing some great players like Peter Bittner and Matt Ostrowski it's pretty clear that as a whole this could be the best UB line since 2008.

The trick is going to be at Quarterback where the Bulls *must* have a serviceable option. We don't need Drew Willy but we do need someone who can at least keep a defense honest. If you stack the Box we need a QB that can read it and make you pay with 5-15 yards.

If Alex Zordich, or Joe Licata, is that player and Oliver comes close to his numbers from last season it's likely he ends up on a watch list for the Heisman next season.

Oh yea, winning 10 or more games next season might help...

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