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Golden News for Watt

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For those of you who follow the NBA, and the NBA draft, you may have noticed that Mitchell Watt is climbing up the draft boards. He followed up a great season with a standout showing at the Portsmouth Invitational. During the competition Watts name started popping up on several NBA draft sites.

First he was an also ran, then someone who might get picked up after the draft, and most recently he was tagged as the NBA's version of "Mr Irrelevant".

Draft Experss Notes:

DraftExpress: Finding a Niche For: Mitchell Watt
Looking forward, Watt has an intriguing package of tools for a potential role-playing big at the next level, boasting good athleticism, solid size, a potent jumper, ability to finish around the basket, and decent defensive potential. His lack of significant experience against high-level competition, unimpressive rebounding, and the fact that he has just one season of noteworthy production under his belt are all concerns, but a team may find him to be an attractive developmental option late in the draft or in free agency, and one can certainly make the argument he shows more promise than some of the other big men teams have taken flyers on in recent years.

The only consistent 'knock' I see against Watt was the level of his competition. This both ignores the fact that the MAC has some squads who are far better than perceived and that Watt crushed at the Portsmouth Invitational.

Most recently he is being tagged as a possible second round pick by Golden State.

Watt is no being projected as a late second round pick by Golden State (52). This may end up the first time ever that I tune into the NBA draft.