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99 for 99 - #92: Frank Woidzik Goes Hollywood

99 for 99 takes a look at the 99 biggest moments in UB Football history in anticipation of the 99th Season of UB Football which begins on September 1st, 2012. These moments are not in any order, however the top 10 moments have been saved for last.

In honor of the NFL Draft, UB's greatest Draft moments.

December 2, 1957 - Frank Woidzik becomes 2nd UB player drafted to NFL. 2nd highest draft selection (44th Overall) in UB history.

5 years after Les Molnar was the first UB player drafted to the NFL, Frank Woidzik was drafted in the 4th round of the 1957 NFL draft by the Los Angeles Rams. At 44, Woidzik a Tackle was drafted only 5 spots behind legendary Packers Guard Jerry Kramer and 200 spots ahead of legendary video game namesake John Madden.

Unfortunately, Woidzik's tenure in Los Angeles would be short lived. On September 11, 1958 Woidzik was placed on waivers by the Rams.