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Talking Bull: Base-Bull...

The Natural?

Ill be honest, I'm not a huge baseball fan. I love going to games, sitting out and enjoying a more relaxing pace than you get at a football, hockey, or Basketball game but to me it's like golf. Fun to do, or even to be there live, but awful to watch on TV, Listen to on the radio, or read about in the papers.

So while I knew UB had an outstanding catcher up to last week I could not have told you his name off the top of my head, Many MLB scouts had never heard of him either. That's changed.

One at-bat puts catcher on the radar - Bucky Gleason - The Buffalo News
Murphy was lightly recruited in high school and earned only a partial scholarship to UB. He spent two years transforming his body into a 6-foot-1, 225-pound baseball machine. He had been named Mid-American Conference player of the year after hitting .384 with 10 homers and 44 RBIs as a sophomore. He remained mostly obscure, despite playing for a summer all-star team with players from the New England Collegiate Baseball League against top college players picked by USA Baseball. Years of hard work turned him into one of the best catchers in the nation, but one at-bat against Gausman changed his life. Now, the secret is out.

The pitcher he owns in this clip is one of the best college baseball pitchers in America. Ranked he's ranked number four in the nation by many publications and is slated to be on team USA during this Olympic cycle.


So where do we stand?

Buffalo Bulls College Football Countdown: ollege Football Countdown: No. 115 Buffalo - Orlando Sentinel
The Orlando Sentinel has ranked all 120 Football Bowl Subdivision teams in the country. The Sentinel staff will take a closer look at a new team daily, counting backward from No. 120 to our projected No. 1 team. We will not be including the four teams the NCAA lists as still reclassifying to the Football Bowl Subdivision level. Today at No. 115:Buffalo Bulls


I was really hoping the days of starting the season among the worst ten or so programs in the nation were over... I suppose 5 wins in two years will drop you right to the bottom of the pile.

Is Quinn on the hot seat?

MAC Football Coaches' Likelihood Of Being Fired After 2012 - Hustle Belt
His team is not embroiled in criminal silliness but they're not winning either. Seasons of 2-10 and 3-9 are all he's got so far, and he's entering dreaded Year Three. Something along the lines of 5-7 or 6-6 will be required, for a reprieve until 2013. But it is Buffalo, where only Turner Gill has won since the program hath been restored to top division glory. They gave Jim Hofher four years so perhaps they'll also see his recruits out until their junior/senior seasons.

Most places agree that Quinn is in trouble at Buffalo, and this years schedule does not help. The only games against "weak" teams would be Morgan State and UMass, everyone else is at or above (or way above) UB's pay grade.

Matt Sussman points out that Hofher four years, but Quinn also has to contend with a new ad who both might want to go a different direction and has put no personal stock behind the Buffalo coach.

If he makes it another year...

It's not too likely many of the true freshman get to play, there are a couple who have a shot but for the most part the incoming class will start seeing the field in 2014 at the earliest. But for nine of UB's incoming freshman the end of their prep career is still one game away.

Nine UB Football Recruits to Play in All-Star Games - Buffalo Athletics
Nine members of the incoming 2012 Buffalo football recruiting class will be wrapping up their respective high school careers with a chance to play in state-wide All-Star games.