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Depth Chartin' Welcome to the Summer!

Can't have a post spring depth chart with actually clears anything up can we? Coach Quinn released the summer depth chart and there are some things worth noting, and some things you expected.

WR Alex Neutz Rudy Johnson - or - Willoughby
LT Andre Davis Pat Wilson - or - John Kling
LG Jansen Carlson Bob Blogdett - or - Jesse Back
C Trevor Sales Gabriel Barbe - or - Bartholomew
RG Graham Whinery Dillon Guy
RT Gokhan Ozkan Jake Silas
TE Jimmy Gordon - or - Alex Dennison Reeder / Wiser
QB Alex Zordich - or - Joe Licata Daniel / Davis
RB Branden Oliver Brandon Murie
FB Rashad Jean Boomer Brock
WR Devon Hughes - or - Cordero Dixon
WR Fred Lee Saron Hood
DE Steven Means Kendall Patterson
NG Wyatt Cahill Dale Barksdale
DE Colby Way Kristjan Sokoli
OLB Khalil Mack Willie Mosely
ILB Lee Skinner Khari Brown
ILB Jaleel Verser Scott Pettigrew Stockman
OLB Imani Chatman - or -Dalonte Wallace Monds
CB Cortney Lester Marqus Baker
SS Isaac Baugh -Or- Okoye Houston Adam Redden
FS Whitney Sherry Kyndal Minniefield
CB Najja Johnson Carlos Lammons - or -Striggles

What you should have expected:

A Jeff Quinn depth chart has more "Ors" than the UB rowing team has "Oars". Some of these are understandable, some not so much.

It makes sense when you're talking about Ron Willoughby or Rudy Johnson. They are the second and third receivers behind UB's main aerial weapon.

Where it does not make sense is at Quarterback. Yes we have all heard how close the competition has been between Licata and Zordich but every time someone watches they say Zorfich is a bit more steady behind center.

The starters are all who you would have expected, maybe with the exception of Gordon at tight end.

The team is returning 18 starters, you should have expected a very similar depth chart to last season.

What you may not have expected

While the starters are all the same a lot of them have been shifted around.

Lee Skinner is on the other side of the interior and the offensive line is completely shifted around.

Coaching changes have a lot to do with this, especially on defense but it still seems a bit dramatic.