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Buffalo Offers Zach Smierciak a LB/WR out of Ohio

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Buffalo has offered a scholarship to Zach Smierciak, a wide receiver and linebacker out of Aurora High School in Aurora Ohio. The offer was first noted by scouting Ohio but has now been listed on the other "major" services like scout.

Last season Smierciak earned Honorable Mention for his work as a linebacker in the AP Northeast Ohio Inland Region team. He was also an all conference honorable mention in Ohio's Chagrin Valley Conference. He is also a member of the 900 lb Club (a combination of 900 pounds between the Bench, Squat, and Clean).

He currently has offers from both Buffalo, and from Ball State. His work at linebacker has been far more impressive than his receiving resume. In 2011 he had 97 Tackles, three sacks, three interceptions, four passes defended, a blocked punt, a touchdown, and two safeties.

Smierciak, along with all known Buffalo offers, is listed on the Bull Run targets page (here)