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A quick note about the new contributors

Any Regular readers have noticed a change to Bull Run this season. More contributors!

When my wife got sick this summer (pregnancy induced hyperemesis) Bull Run kind of went on vacation. Now that I have a baby at home it might be some time before I can get back up to my previous volume, if at all. Thankfully a bunch of UB Fans have stepped up, so I might never need to go back to that pace.

Brandon is covering UB hoops. He was the first 'hoops czar' back in 2009-2010 but took a year off before coming back this year. Brandon has been following UB Basketball for years and has a great grasp on Buffalo and the MAC.

Scott is known in UB Land as 'ChiTown'. He has been doing the football "post game thoughts" which in our current times makes the man a damn saint! I mean week in and week out you pour all the frustrations, questions, and anger out for the world.

JD, or 2010Bulls, has been doing a lot of "Bulls in the Pro's". He also keeps me honest on the roundtable's, he has saved at least three of them this season.

Conrad used to run a site called 8 Wins is Enough. It was a UB Blog before it's time that I ran across about a year ago. I ran across him on Hustle Belt. You'll have to forgive him for being a Trojans fan now that he attends grad school at USC.

This is my thank you to this crew for helping me to avoid blogger burnout and an open invitation to anyone who wants to cover any UB Sport, even the club sports.