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Talking Bull: This is why the SEC took so long?


Leave it to the graphic design team to hold things up:

Those pampered perfectionist may be the reason that the A&M move took so long. Withing a day of the official "official announcement" we heave our brand new SEC artwork. Now this is the Official 'Official "Official Announcement"'.

PHOTO: SEC Updates Pinwheel Logo For 13th School, Texas A&M - From Our Editors -
Still no West Virginia or Missouri on the wheel. And considering the painstaking minutes and minutes that it took to update the logo, I can't imagine they'll have the budget to commission a version with 14 schools on it now.

What About West Virginia?

Well Assaulting LSU fans in the parking lot is not going to get you into the conference any faster... Wait this is the SEC? Maybe it will. Can one of my readers from Dixie clue me in?

Four LSU Fans Assaulted After West Virginia Game - From Our Editors -
Following Saturday's 47-21 victory by the LSU Tigers over the West Virginia Mountaineers in Morgantown, four LSU fans were assaulted according to the Morgantown Police Department.

I know I have some SEC readers this week, mainly Tennessee fans. Was this an audition for West Virginia? If it was does that kind of passion add a feather to their cap or not?