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SBNation BlogPoll Top 25: Bull Run Ballot


At the top:

Not a whole lot of reason to argue against LSU at this point. They have had one of the most difficult schedules to date and they have won convincingly each time.

Alabama? Not quite the same strength of schedule but they still have been impressive enough to jump over Boise.

Speaking of leapfrogs I have moved Oklahoma State up three spots because of their win over a top 10 team (Texas A&M).

Along with Oklahoma who bounced back to the four spot, to make room for Alabama there are the top five.

At the Bottom:

FIU went and broke my heart. It was probably the first sunbelt team I ever manged to care about and they choke one away to Louisiana Layette.

My notable mid Majors in the top 25 are Temple and Houston.

The Cougars are undefeated and winning big, not ranking them by week four seemed like insanity to me.

And then there is Temple. If they had a coach who knew how to use a feature back they would be 4-0. Even with the complete insanity of how he coached the second half of the PSU game The Lions still needed a miracle 4th down conversion to win.

Then you have the owls taking Maryland behind the woodshed this past week. They face maybe their biggest conference test this week with Toledo.

Who's gone:

As I mentioned above FIU is gone and they are joined by the Tar Heels, Florida State, and Ohio.

The Bobcats could have held their spot with a win over Rutgers who is a very beatable Big East school.

Their loss puts them and Temple on similar footing but the Owl's loss is more of a 'quality loss' than the beating Rutgers delivered.