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The Bull Run Inquisition: A kinder Gentler Inquisitor


I was all set to torture this weeks opponent to get information. What can I possibly to to a UConn fan that life has not done this week. Let's just get to the Q&A

As bad as UConn is, your words not mine, do you see Buffalo being in this game or will this be a repeat of last season and the International bowl where the size of UConns line is just too much for UB to deal with?

UConn is strugglin, as the losses to Vanderbilt and Iowa St. show, but I think there is more than enough there to keep Buffalo down. Most of the Huskies problems have come on offense, but the defense has been one of the best in FBS based on yards allowed and they should be more than capable of stopping the Bulls.

UConn's offense. Back away from the attempt at an air based offense. Long term is this a good thing or a bad thing for UConn?

I'm not sure if it's good or bad, it just is the way UConn has always been. Remember, in the 2009 International Bowl we only attempted six passes. The Huskies haven't had a good quarterback since 2004, but we've had plenty of linemen and backs, so running is what we do.

On the defense whats different this year and who should we watch out for?

The one highlight of the year has been watching new D-coordinator Don Brown's defense attack everything in sight. Their motto is "solve your problems with aggression" and that shows on the field. They have an unfortunate tendency to give up big plays, especially late in games, but otherwise they're relentless. Keep your eye on linebacker Sio Moore and corner Blidi Wreh-Wilson.

Last season after a slow(ish) start you took the Big East, any hope of doing that again?

Nope, none, never gonna happen.

Score prediction, when will the game be over, and who will be the star?

28-14 UConn. I'm not sure the game will ever seem "over", but I imagine by the second quarter it'll become apparent that UConn's players are just bigger, stronger and faster than Buffalo's, and that will be the difference.

Why did you break Iowa State Mascott's arm? Do you hate birds?

Just the ones that have teeth.

Just wanted to let you know Buffalo is ready to step in and preserve the Big East's hold on the upstate NY market...

You're welcome to our spot.