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Bulls muted in Muncie: Ball State 28 - Buffalo 25

Not Even Super Neutz could help the Bulls to w win via <a href=""></a>
Not Even Super Neutz could help the Bulls to w win via

If a team is trailing by four with minutes remaining and they convert not one, but two fourth and longs then they deserve to win the game. Conversely if your defense gives up two fourth and longs then you deserve to lose. Guess which team Buffalo was?

The Bulls had came back after falling behind 21-7. Solid defense carried them while the offense scored 18 straight points. A missed extra point on the first forced the Bulls to attempt two point conversions on the rest, that was the difference.

Anderson’s second rushing touchdown of the season from one yard out gave the Bulls a 25-21 lead with 6:28 remaining in the game. It was a long grinding drive that gave Buffalo's defense time to rest but even with the rest Buffalo could stop the Cardinals from marching 75 yards and converting two fourth downs.

High lights?

Brandon Oliver finished the game with 118 yards on 27 carries. Chazz Anderson ran for 59 yards on 10 carries and threw for 149 yards and a touchdown. Marcus Rivers had six catches for 74 yards and Alex Neutz added 78 yards on four catches with both reaching the end zone.

Low lights?

The second Quarter, and the last drive. In both instances UB's defense was completely ineffective. During the second quarter, and most of the first quarter, the Bulls offense was non existent.

In reality this game was not as close as the score indicated. Ball State missed two field goals and one of the Bulls scores was set up by a blocked punt.  This game could have easily been a 17 point blowout. There is real reason to think that UB does not win another game this season I saw nothing today.