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Bulls in the NFL: Preseason - Week1

87585_cowboys_broncos_football_mediumJosh Thomas: Played against the Broncos and notched two tackles and a pass deflection (Left).

The Cowboy's Secondary coach, Dave Campo, recently talked about Thomas during an interview

I would say that the guy that probably stuck out of that group was JT Thomas. He's a guy that has great athletic ability, but he's got to make sure he knows what he's doing all the time. And there are some strengths for each of those guys that give them the chance to make the team. -- Dave Campo to "Blogging The Boys"

Right now it's looking pretty good for Thomas to make the cut he was, for the most part, very effective against Denver.

87767_bills_bears_football_medium_mediumNaaman Roosevelt: It was a great week  for Naaman. First the Bills dealt Lee Evans to Baltimore which opens up another roster spot. He was also the leading receiver in this weeks game against the bears. His 3 receptions for 26 yards was quiet but no Bills receiver stood out.

Even before the trader Naaman was looking like a dark horse with the potential to make the team.

Surprise! Roosevelt and Davis are better working out of the slot, as well, though Roosevelt was able to make some plays as an undrafted rookie free agent on the edge, and Davis certainly has the raw talent to play out there, as well. Easley, however, is the true wild card here, as he has loads of talent and, aside from Johnson, may be the only other true edge receiver the team employs. -- Buffalo Rumblings

He still has to fight for that last slot but the benefits of his versatility are starting to outshine the doubts about his speed and size.



James Starks:

None of the Packers regualr backs got a lot of work this past week when they played Cleveland. But James Starks did get two carries for 14 yards early on.

He is still in competition for the starting Job. He is also battling a minor Ankle Injury (which was not enough to keep him out of the game).

He is running a bit heavier than last season (Apparently he is needed to drop Gluten from his diet), seems he was Gluten intolerant and that slowed his healing process.

Mike Newton: 

Not much has changed with his status. Newton Played sparingly against the cards but did get a tackle and the last depth chart produced by the Colts have Newton as the third strong safety.

Jamey Richard:

Just like Mike Newton Richard has not really moved up or down too much this camp. He is still be backup center (pre the same depth chart that has Newton as the third Safety).


Drew Willy:

Did not see time last night against Houston. It seems McElroy has put Drew solidly below him on the depth chart. With a shortened pre season its not looking likely that Drew will break through this year (though he may remain with the Jets on their Practice Squad).

Davonte Shannon:

Did not get a shot against Pittsburgh. His situation may be similar to Drew's. But he has looked pretty good in practices (several picks and some nice tackling).

Trevor Scott:

Still recovering from off season surgury. He is practicing but did not play.

Domonic Cook:

Is on Injured Reserve with the Bills.