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More changes to the Class of 2011

A few days ago UB augmented their 2011 class with the addition of Matthew Quick. The natural question was "Where is Coach Quinn getting these scholarships". Today, sadly, one of those scholarships was freed up when Dale Stweart, the brother of James Starks, and a prep star in his own right, announced that he is going the JUCO route.

Dale Stewart said Wednesday he has enrolled at Iowa Western Community College after being denied admission to the University at Buffalo. Sources at UB say that Stewart did not get the standardized test scores needed for admission.

Dale Stewart was mister every skill at Niagara Falls High School. Need someone who played Quarterback, Halfback, Receiver, Some defensive back, and returned Kicks and punts? Well Stewart is your guy. In his senior year alone he accounted for more than a thousand yards of offense.

He also has six touchdown returns. That and his 17 touchdowns running and passing made his one of the most potent threats Upstate and earned him first team all Western New York honors.

Stewart had been one of the very first players targeted by Coach Quinn last February after Quinn finished up his previous class. A lack of potency on special teams has been was sore point Quinn inherited and Stewart could have been the answer.

Stewart remains hopeful of a career at UB. Iowa Western moves a lot of players into the ranks of FBS squads and Stewart himself has said he still wants to make it to Buffalo.

"I hope to do good in football and keep my grades up so I can hopefully get back to UB," -- Dale Stewart

It's heartening to see a young man continue to chase after his goals despite a pretty serious setback. Hopefully at some point in the future well see Stewart in the Blue and White.