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Talking Bull: U19, without McCrea I smell a limerick


There once was a U19 team,

with nary a win to be seen

They went off one day

what no McCrea

Now their shooting borders obscene!


When Javon McCrea was the last man cut from the U19 squad many were baffled, why he was cut, after making it down to the last three true forwards was a mystery. What say you coach?

"The selection was harder than I expected. The young man we decided not to keep, Javon McCrae, it was really just a numbers situation, he played more than well enough to make the team. We just didn’t feel comfortable going over there without three point guards," Hewitt stated.

So there you have it, just need those extra point guards. Who cares if you have a team with 8 guards, 2 forwards and two centers.  Well maybe that's just how coach Hewitt rolls right? Ill just take a look at George Mason's roster and....

Seven guards, seven forwards. Well how is the new philosophy working out?

Playing it second and final exhibition game before play begins Thursday at the 2011 FIBA U19 World Championship for Men, the USA U19 National Team fell 108-75 to the Lithuania U19 National Team in an exhibition game Tuesday in Vilnius, Lithuania.

Two bits of good news in that quote. First these were only the exhibition games, maybe the US was trying new things and sandbagging. Secondly, Lithuania internationally is a pretty solid basketball power. Not at the lecel that they should be beating a well coached team oriented group of U19 starts from the states, but good enough that they can crush more talented teams who take them lightly.

The bad news, the team so far is shooting a pitiful 35% through two games. Their three point shooting is south of 15% and the only player shooting north of 42% is Doug McDermott (61%). The team is missing someone? maybe a guy who can shoot north of 60% and has a history of taking teams in a funk on his back while he piles up points...

Other news:

The UB Womens Tennis team is one of the most steady winners, and producers of talent, at the school.

UB Alums Continue To Find Success On The Courts - Buffalo Athletics
One of the most successful programs over the last 10 years, the UB women's tennis team is continuing to produce players that have kept up their tennis careers. This past weekend two of those players were playing in the prestigious Sargent and Collins, LLP Women's $10,000 Championships, a USTA Pro Circuit event at the Miller Tennis Center Both Andreaa Novaceanu and Smaranda Stan competed in the event with Stan receiving a bye in the first round of the qualifying draw.

Mike Haywood who turned a two year stint at Miami into a job at Pitt, who then turned that into being out of work before he could warm the seat, is in the news.

Mike Haywood Would Like To Remind You Of The Time He Was Fired - From Our Editors -
You may remember that Mike Haywood was briefly the Pittsburgh head football coach last year before a domestic violence charge ended his tenure before he coached a down. You might think you would just move forward and attempt to get on with your life after this, but you're not named Mike Haywood. He'd like everyone to remember that whole thing in requesting an investigation of his dismissal, which according to Haywood's attorneys would not have happened with a simple investigation of the facts of the case.