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Who's Talking Bull? Big East Strife!

Plotting a Big East coup - On the Banks
One possible way out of the standoff could be an amicable split, which would remove the impetus for an acrimonious, drawn out fight for control of the Big East's legacy (as well as any possible endangering of the BCS auto-bid that could result.) Villanova's determination to join the Big East conference for football is largely driven by fears that they and the Big East's other non-football schools would end up out in the cold were the six "major" conferences with automatic bids to the bowl championship series to secede from the NCAA. Maintaining a loose Big East confederation (essentially everyone would still play in non-revenue sports, and the football schools would guarantee to give the non-football schools a seat at the table in any NCAA secession scenario) may not be fair or deserved on the merits, but may end up being the most appealing of several unpalatable options.

Maynard leading Cal QB race - Campus Watch - The Buffalo News
This may make UB fans cringe considering the team's quarterback woes of last season, but former Bulls QB Zach Maynard took every rep with the first team during a controlled scrimmage Saturday, and will likely enter training camp as Cal's starter.

Bulls Win Five Events at Big Red Invitational - Buffalo Athletics
The UB men won four events on Sunday, including a sweep of the hurdles events. Andrew Omoregie took the 110-meter hurdles in 14.24 after qualifying third in the preliminaries in 14.66. Will Cole took the 400-meter hurdles in 52.78. Cole won his race by more than a full second over Cornell's Kenny McClain.

Fifth Round: Cowboys Take Bulls' Josh Thomas - Hustle Belt
Once again, the Cowboys fill a need here with a guy who was rated as the eighth best cornerback (which, if it is an accurate assessment, is a decent value pick for Dallas. He's described as a guy who appears to be average across the board. He certainly passes the eye test (looks like a respectable athlete in his UnderArmour at the combine), but the highlight reel perhaps b

2011 NFL Draft: MAC Players Taken, And 10 Best Available UFAs - Hustle Belt
In 1996, the Green Bay Packers took defensive tackle Keith McKenzie from Ball State with the 252nd pick overall — third from last. For where he was selected, he had a pretty solid NFL career, including a Super Bowl with the Packers. But I bring this up because he was the only Mid-American Conference player taken that year. It was also the last time the MAC had fewer than four players taken in a single draft. This year, just three MAC players were selected by teams:

egs to differ. To the highlight reel!!