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Congratulations Josh Thomas, and Congratulations Cowboys

It's always nice when an NFL team drafts a kid who grew up in the area so as much as I dislike Dallas I am very happy for both the Cowboys and Josh Thomas. The Cowboys get themselves on hell of a steal in the 5th round by plucking one of the most athletic corners in the draft.

What you're going to like:

Josh Thomas is easily one of the most athletic corner backs in the draft. On paper hes a bit on the small side but hit vertical, his foot speed, and his nose for the ball helped him distinguish himself on a defense with other all all conference performers.

Thomas always plays with attitude, he is a very aggressive corner who never shies away from contact. While he is an exceptional cover corner what sets him apart is how he takes care of the run despite his small frame.

In pass coverage he has nice body control makes solid adjustments so as to make a play on the ball. The track speed comes across in how well he gets  off the ball. He changes direction while maintaining speed coming in and out of cuts.

Is at his best in off-man coverage when he can keep the play in front of him. Jumps well and flashes the awareness to deflect passes against bigger receivers. Has started since his fres

Don't let the lack of picks fool you, Thomas has a nose for causing and recovering fumbles and punishing receivers who mange to catch the ball in front of him. It was Thomas who forced the fumble that Mike Newton returned for a touchdown against Ball State in the MAC Championship game.

What you might not like:

Thomas is not big enough to go up against some of the taller NFL receivers, this most comes across when asked to jam them at the line. Trusts his speed too much at times and takes poor angles to the ball, this works in the college level but most NFL receivers can make him pay for this.

He is so run centered that he can get caught looking into the backfield and allows craftier receivers to get behind him. Suffered a concussion as a sophomore.

The Concussion has come up a couple of times as a 'concern' but Thomas is a four year starter who had just one such injury and that was in his sophomore year.