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Who's Talking Bull? Good news teams can still lose 2 million at a bowl game

Fiesta Bowl Investigation: Organizers Meet With BCS; NCAA Subcommittee Next -
Fiesta Bowl officials have cleared one obstacle in the gauntlet they're running to try and keep the now-legendarily corrupt game in the BCS rotation: Organizers met in Chicago over the weekend with a BCS task force to show penitence and apparently made a positive impression on the chair, Graham Spanier. A decision on the game's future could be just a few weeks away, and the options sound ... well, like nothing much:

MAC Football Goes .500 In Spring Games - Hustle Belt
Nice to see the league go .500 in scrimmages this April. Honestly you'd like to win more than half the games, but you can't be picky. Offense and defense both contributed to the victory, and there are a lot of great highlights to go around.

Temple Football Forever: Helmetgate
I know it's the school logo and all, but put it on the field. Hey, you can even put it on the stripes down pants. The coaches can wear baseball caps with it featured. Just don't put it on the helmets.