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Bulls fall short in their title defense

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The UB rowing squad had a big hill to climb having to reload after some key losses. Still the young team put in a second place showing at the Colonial Athletic Association Championship. UB finished with 25 points. Northeastern won the crown with 36 points.

For the Bulls, who have 11 underclassman out of their 16 varsity eight rowers, the sights were aimed at not falling off too much after last seasons Championship.

"Our Varsity Eight and Second Varsity Eight performed the way we wanted them to," Weiler said. "We wanted them to win a medal and they did that." -- UB Coach Rudy Weiler

The Bulls finished third in the Varsity Eight race. Kate Evely, Rosa Kemp, Shannon David, Susannah Sage Green, Heide MacMahon-Manning, Brittany Davidson, Deborah Garth, Brittany Ronald and Ashley Hanhurst finished with a time of 6:38. Northeastern won the race with a time of 6:30

The Second Varsity Eight Sheehan, Carlino, Koscielniak, Miller-Selzer, Gilchrist, Gallagher, Palma, Tretter, and Prescott finished second with a time of 6:46.9. Northeastern won the race with a time of 6:43.3.

The Varsity Four finished fourth in their race with a time of 7:46.1. Northeastern won the race with a time of 7:29.2.

Evely, Hanhurst and Ronald were all named first team CAA