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First Post Spring Game Thoughts

The Final Score was White 49, Blue 34

I have to start off by saying that Rodney McKissic is the man. With the Blue and White game moved to the Ralph, closed to the public, and blacked out there was little hope of following along. Thankfully McKissic, of the Buffalo News, was kind enough to tweet some of the highlights.

So here are my thoughts based on the big plays (hopefully UBNow will produce some video)

Thought One: I sure wish we had some experienced defensive backs

Either our DB's are really bad or Don Patterson is a miracle worker. Zordich and Davis took turns exposing the defensive backs.

Among the big plays was Zordich hitting Rivers for 65 yards Neutz for 50 yards. Davis, not to be out done, connected with Rivers for a 68 yard touchdown.

Thought Two: Even if the backfield is good / bad we have a QB draw

Glad to see both QB's having some success but if we get into summer without any idea as to who is likely to start. Just another "-or-" on the depth chart.

Defensive issues?

To See one of the unites put up nearly 50, lets just say I sure hope that the offense has gotten that much better under the new management.