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Who's Talking Bull? NY the great recruiting desert?

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Where Do The Best College Football Players Come From? - Corn Nation
Back in the home stretch of recruiting season, recruiting guru Andy Staples wrote a fascinating article on where elite (i.e. NFL) defensive linemen come from, finding that a startling number of them hail from the South. Staples went on to explore factors like evolutionary theory and obesity rates as possible explanations for this phenomenon, but I remained fascinated by just how strikingly South-heavy his map was.

Buffalo Basketball:

CIT First Round: Buffalo 75, Quinnipiac 68; Survey SAYS I'm A Little Surprised - Hustle Belt
Well then! What a time to start winning on the road. Five of the Buffalo Bulls' first 18 wins came on the road, and the 19th is the sixth. The Quinnipiac Bobcats were a plucky team out of the Northeast Conference with a savvy record (22-9) but with not only zero quality wins, but they didn't even play anybody from a power conference. Were it not for Rhode Island, Buffalo might've been their stiffest test to date.

Bulls Invited To First Ever Postseason Tournament; Head To Wright State Wednesday Night - Buffalo Athletics
The University at Buffalo women's basketball team has been invited to the Women's Basketball Invitational, its first ever trip to a postseason tournament. The Bulls will face Wright State in the first round of the tournament, Wednesday night at Wright State's Nutter Center.

Bulls win in first round of CIT - UB Men's Basketball - The Buffalo News
The 11-hour bus trip, watching their conference tournament loss to Kent State along the way, turned out to be well worth the trouble.