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Restoring Missouri's Moose Population! Congrats Coach Mohnsen

Semomoose_medium "Miller et al. (1972) reported that a dead moose was found approximately 500 km north of traditional moose range in the Northwest Territories, Canada. In the central United States, Bowles and Gladfelter (1980) tracked the dispersal route of a bull moose from Minnesota through Iowa and into Missouri." -- Long Distance Dispersal Patterns of Moose

Add one more Moose the the Population of Missouri!

Coach Brian Mohnsen affectionately know by many players as 'Moose' landed a job as the Defensive Coordinator for South Eastern Missouri (SEMO).

Southeast Missouri head coach Tony Samuel announced that Brian Mohnsen will join the Redhawks staff as defensive coordinator. Samuel also promoted Tim McGuire to assistant head coach and offensive coordinator. -- SEMO Athletics