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Talking Bull: It's not you, it's me (and other lies Akron heard this week)

How bad have things gotten at Akron?

Paul Winters turns down offer from Akron, signs extension with Wayne State | The Detroit News |
By turning down Akron, Winters said no to his hometown team. He played at Akron and was an assistant there for 10 seasons (1994-2003) before taking the Wayne State job.

Akron has one of the finest stadiums in the MAC, a decent budget, and a MAC title in the past half decade and they still could not land one of their own as a coach. Granted he is coaching at one of the better programs at division two but is there any way Wayne State is matching what Akron can pay? Did he just turn down coaching at his Alma matter and a raise?

OSU Bowl Ban, Gophers and Hoosier most effected!

Urban Meyer Reacts To Ohio State's NCAA Sanctions -
The one-year bowl prohibition won't hurt him all that much, unless a couple seniors were looking for a reason to transfer away from the new regime. Otherwise, this is essentially the same program he knew he'd be taking over, now with a built-in rallying cry.

No recruit is who was going to Ohio state is going to turn down the school because they might miss a bowl their red shirt year. But the Big Ten Bottom feeders like Minnesota and Indiana will miss out on that equal share they get from the conference a whole lot more than OSU will.

When Something seems too good to be true:

North Carolina prep school sells football players on second chances, but its actions spur state investigation - ESPN
If this were a traditional school, the academic folks might be on edge, but an "Outside the Lines" investigation this fall has found the NC Tech program to be a unique arrangement on the post-high school athletics scene -- and one playing by its own rules

Stay Classy Marshall!


This was not a totally one sided incident but certainly the school that comes out looking worse is Marshall. This is not how you celebrate winning games.... Unless you're from Marshall.

ANIMATED: Beef 'O' Brady's Brawl Ends Marshall-FIU Bowl -
Players from both teams did a lot of glowering and menacing at midfield as Marshall fans chanted, and at some point this sort of thing happened:

The worst part was Marshall's coach blowing it off as "kids being kids"



Skinner Earns Second-Team All-Freshman Designation - Buffalo Athletics
Several Buffalo football players earned recognition on Phil Steele's 2011 post-season teams, most notably freshman linebacker Lee Skinner who was put on the national second-team defense for first-year players.

Former walk on Lee Skinner was huge this season and UB fans were not the only ones to notice. Phil Steele watches the mid majors more closely than other services so when he tabs one of your freshman as promising take note.

Bulls Bombed by BYU

Bulls fall at Brigham Young - Sports - The Buffalo News
Mitchell Watt led UB with 18 points while Javon McCrea added 16. Zach Filzen, who leads the nation in three-pointers per game (3.9), made 4 of 6 from beyond the arc, and finished with 14 points.

BYU Beats Buffalo in High-Scoring Affair, 93-78 - Buffalo Athletics
The University at Buffalo men's basketball team shot 53 percent from the field, including 8-of-16 from beyond the arc, but it wasn't enough to stop a high-octane BYU offense. The Cougars defeated the Bulls, 93-78, in front of a crowd of 9,632 at the Marriott Center on Tuesday night.