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Talking Bull: Your Bowl Schedule


2011-2012 College Football Bowls: Finding The Game That's Right For You -
Love MACtion? Defense? Classic schools? Tight scores? Using four different ranking systems, we will find the bowl game that is right for you, no matter what.

No UB so no game that's really right for me, but I'll still enjoy the season.

Phil Steele All Conference Teams

Phil Steele

BO, Neeuuuuuuuuuuuuuuttz, Mack, and Johnson

Is gill taking a shortcut back to the FBS level?

Liberty Football Announces FBS Feasibility Study, Turner Gill Hire -
During our discussions with these head coaching candidates, it quickly became clear to us that the future of Liberty's football program was their primary concern. The candidates were particularly interested in whether Liberty had plans to move to the Football Bowl Subdivision level (FBS) at some point. In order to determine what course Liberty should pursue for its football program, including when Liberty should attempt to move to the FBS level, Liberty has commissioned an FBS Feasibility Study by Carr Sports Associates. The study should be completed in February or March.