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Fired, paid millions and considered for a head coaching job days later? That's how Turner Gill Rolls

I knew that Gill would eventually get a shot at being a head coach but I thought he would have to pay some dues before getting another crack at it. Apparently Gill can still ride his 2008 season for job interviews because lord knows nothing he did at KU warrants future employment.

Gill A Possibility For Liberty Coaching Opening? | Fox News
A News & Advance of Lynchburg reporter who wrote about Gill's possible candidacy at Liberty on Tuesday reported on Twitter that the former Nebraska quarterback was on the campus Wednesday.

So fail horribly at Kansas, get paid six million dollars and still have a job? It can happen to Turner GIll.

Liberty might just be the best place for him. The intangibles of being "A nice guy" and running a clean program carry a lot of weight at Liberty and he might do well without AQ level pressure.

Then again maybe this is all about getting Nick Sizemore or Darius Willis...