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Two for one special on game threads today!

Week 12
Buffalo (Home)
Coach: Jeff Quinn
Record: 2-8,1-5 (MAC)
Rank: NR
Akron (Road)
Coach: Rob Ianelo
Record: 1-9, 0-6 (MAC)
Rank: NR
Saturday, November 19th, 2011

54 °F Mostly Cloudy



Game 3 Listen Live

Buffalo (Road)

2-0 (0-0 Home)


Princeton (Home)

0-2 (0-0 Home)

Listen live this week on 1340, WLVL

Tip Off 12:30

Sound off: which will be higher and whats the over under on that number

  1. UB's free throw percentage or UB's pass completion percentage
  2. UB's three point percentage or UB's thrid down completion percentage
  3. UB's number of turnovers or UB's number of points
  4. Javon Mcrea points or Branden Oliver Turnovers