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Bull Fan Stampede: While ChiTown is away....


It's been two weeks so that means it's time for the Fan Stampede. This week we are without Scott, one of the more level headed among the group. So what does this mean?

1) In my opinion that game against NIU was the best offensive game UB has played to date. The defense also made mroe key stops than I can recall in Quinn's Career (outside of maybe UConn). Putting aside the awful special teams play I think that the first game where I have seen a UB team that looks like it may eventually get back to winning. Your verdict?

2010: It was a great individual game. Keeping that game on the DVR for some time. I really liked how this team battled back. I do not want to hear how this was not Peter’s fault. You have been in practice for years now and you should have had a extra point down to a science. What is the special teams’ coach doing with the kickers in practice. I do not get it. The field goal that was missed was not even close. I can somewhat live with that, but an extra point chip shot, come on! You can definitely see talent and ability to make plays on defense. I really am looking forward to seeing the defense next year. Should be a force. Leave my thoughts on offense in next questions.

BRJACR: All season long theyve played pretty well at home in every game, except the offense against UCONN.  However, the offense has performed well against Ohio and NIU both.  I really just need them, both units, to take these kind of performances and show they are capable of it on the road.  Two opportunities to do just that against Miami and EMU.

BCBull: I think without question this past Saturday was the best of the season from the Bulls offense, and I think it compares favorably the the Cal QB vs Pitt two seasons ago. I've been saying all season that the Ohio game was the 'hinge' for this season, and that victory plus this strong showing against NIU gives me hope. 

2) How much of the success that we see is Chazz Anderson? Are we going to drop right back to 2010 when he leaves?

2010: It is the MAJOR concern. I am hoping that someone on this roster can step up and grab the job and run with it. Will we see a drop, absolutely. You cannot instill poise and speed during practice and off season drills. I want to give some props to Jerry Davis, it would have been very easy for him to sulk and be a distraction. Every time I see Jerry, he is working hard with the coaches, rooting on his team, getting pumped over big plays, and being a great team mate. That being said, I do not see Jerry getting the ball again at UB. Maybe unfair, but time to look for a long run with a QB. That boils down to Licata and Z. With the running backs that we have, I am not looking for a running QB. I did not see enough from Z to say that he can be the gunslinger this system needs. I would like to see Licata given the role and run with it.

BRJACR: Better not drop back to 2010 next year.  They chose to go this route.  Thats not going to be a legitimate excuse next year.  I stated my reservations about this move when Chazz came aboard and the potential repercussions for next season, but I watched everybody claim "Win Now" or "the best guy plays" or "Zordich/Davis/Licata/whoever will be better off next season having rode the bench and holding the clipboard this year while Chazz plays"  I guess we'll see how it plays out, but the excuse that UB has a new starter at QB that 1. has never played or 2. hasn't taken any meaningful snaps in awhile isnt going to fly with me.

BCBull: Chazz Anderson is a BIG part of this offense working. Zordich/Licata/the ghost of Tyler Warden & his crazy father will not be able to match that next year. But I firmly believe that a year of study under Chazz means better things for 2012 than a 2011 without Chazz, and that, even if UB doesn't return to 2008 levels as quickly as we'd all like, 2010 will prove to be the lowest we'll be for a while.

3) What should be done about special teams? It's pretty clear that the problems are systemic. We have kickoffs out of bounds, missed extra points, fumbles on returns and poor coverage. At some point this goes beyond the players not doing their jobs. Should heads roll? and if so who's?

2010: Specials teams is a hot mess. If specials teams are just as important as offense and defense then why not have a full time coach. Special teams cost this team victories! It has always been a part of the role of the Tight End coach to strap special teams on his back. It is a lack of coach focus and getting players to do the job on special teams for the failures. When Coach Stamn had this role, special teams were great. Coach Chambers took over with almost same cast of characters and since that day, special teams has been a major problem. Bring in a specialist just for special teams, just not Bobby April. This is the one part of the game that you can take players on your current roster and dominate. Start recruiting a kicker right now. Hell, head over to the soccer field and see what you got. Has to be better.

BRJACR: Should Heads roll?  One special teams co-coordinator is also responsible for tight ends and the other the safties.  Both get epic fail for special teams, but how are their other positions they coach panning out?  Tight ends are pretty non existent in the offense and the safties are doing the best the can do considering the lack of experience and just plain youth in the Defensive Back Field.  Also, Im not sure why there is a coach for Cornerbacks and Safties, seems kind of redundant.  With special teams being this bad, for so long, shouldnt they invest a coaching spot solely on a special teams coach who isnt just breaking into coaching or has never coached special teams before, but someone who lives and dies for it?  Considering the circumstances, the answer is pretty obvious.

BCBull: We need to change the way special teams are viewed. We need a dedicated special teams coach. Oh, and we need to recruit a kicker. Minor point. Marty Spieler and Mike Dietzel are both listed as Co-Special Teams Coordinator, but are also the Tight Ends and Safeties coaches, respectively. I'm not going to spew out that old line that "Special Teams is 1/3 of the game", but it's damn important and more time and energy should be devoted to it than is going into it now. I won't say that either Spieler or Dietzel should lose their jobs over the special teams' performance this year, because I think it's clear that just not enough time is being spent on it, and each having to split duties on HCJQ's staff doesn't help the situation.


4) Four more games, if UB wins out they are 6-6. What do you think will happen and what will be 'enough' for you.

2010: Going into this season, if you told me 6 – 6 record, I would not being doing back flips but coming off such a terrible year last year, I will take it as long as I see the team heading in the right direction. I see the defense getting better but I see the special teams regressing. Granted, special teams should be the easiest to fix. Goes back to QB next year. If we have someone who can make the throws, we will have receivers to get open. The OL with the playing time this year should get better, and we still have some great backs to run the ball. The problem will be that teams will stack the box to stop the run and put pressure on a young QB. Do we have the person to hit the quick strikes to keep the defense honest. And do we have a QB who if the wide receivers go at least 9 yards on a 3rd and 8 has the arm to deliver the ball. Major question on offense and I am not sure we have a QB to step in to make a difference next year. Bo will only be able to take this team so far next year. So I see this as offense regressing. So, to make a novel out of a easy question, I only see 1/3 of this team progressing and not what I wanted to see. Not in a happy place in the future of this team.

BRJACR: If they can get the same kind of performances from the offense and defense and the special teams never plays as badly as it did against NIU, this team should be capable of winning out.  If they get to 6-6, and at least get some mentions for Bowl Invites (I dont expect a 6-6 MAC team to ever get one, and honestly, they dont really deserve one) That will be enough for me.  Big thing for me going into Miami, like I said earlier, they have to show they can get these performances on the road.  4-8 0r 5-7 arent enough for me with Chazz as QB.  I pretty much figured 5-7 or 6-6 before Chazz.  But taking the season in consideration, yes Ill be disappointed with 6-6, but at the same time 6-6 will give me some satisfaction.

BCBull: I think that UB will finish with 5 wins. My prediction for this season was 4-5, with a little spurt of Chazz Anderson optimism that led me to say 5-6 at one point. **Given where UB was last year** I am fine with 4-5 wins. A 2/3-win improvement over last year would be notable and nothing to sneeze at. 5 wins, with another year of HCJQ in the system, and I'd be fine, and would be looking for 5-7 wins in 2012.

5) If this season had to be a sitcom (past or present) which one would it be?


2010: Gilligan’s Island. Had a nice life and going in the right direction with a fateful trip under Gill. (and yes UB is a tiny ship in athletics.) Then we took a three hour tour with Coach Quinn (and yes Quinn is brave and sure,) became ship wrecked last season, only to have Chazz (The Professor) come in and start to take this team off the island, only to have the team possibly ship wrecked again next year (like the last episode where they ended up back on the island. Terrible last episode but I liked the Sopranos ending to give you some reference. It is no Jump the Shark!)

Tim: Well, we are set for cheerleaders

BRJACR: Golden Girls.  Most people are going to ask "Why in the hell are you watching that"  Why, because the show is relatively entertaining and cant help but laugh at the same things over and over again, no matter how many times Ive seen an episode.

BCBull: I don't know if I can think of/decide upon a specific show, but definitely a spin-off. A spin off for the UB program from the 2008 season, a spin-off for Quinn and Chazz from Brian Kelly and Cincinnati, the spin-off of Maynard and the holdovers from The Kansas Head Coach as they transferred away, the spin-off of Fardon's kick.