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Talking Bull: You in here for some Marijuana? Marijuana! Man this is some ...

Content and Language Warning!


Whatever you feel about the legality or illegality of Mariana is besides the point. Feel free to lobby your congress critter to drop, or strengthen laws. I don't really care. What I do care about is the fact that some say 'I could quit if I wanted to' when we all know they are lying.

Marijuana ended the UB Wrestling career of Desi Green, easily one of the best the school has ever had. The spectrum goes into detail.

Desi Green Ousted on the Brink of History - Sports - The Spectrum - University at Buffalo
Last year, Desi Green annihilated almost every opponent who dared challenge him and became the pride of the UB wrestling team and the athletics department. He was the first junior to reach 100 wins and was set to break even more records this season. That will not happen. Marijuana got in his way.

He made his bed, and decided that smoking up was worth risking his athletic career and his scholarship. The Bulls still have a solid team this year but it would have been that much better with Green on board.

Well at least one Buffalo team could beat Pitt in their opener

Swimming and Diving Champions Send Statement - Sports - The Spectrum - University at Buffalo
Buffalo hosted the Panthers in its first dual-meet of the season, and the contest came down to the wire. But the Bulls won the final event to beat Pittsburgh 123-120 in men's competition, and 127-116 in the women's races.

Are the Irish starting to accept their role as a glorified mid range program?

Quitting allegations pose big problem for Notre Dame Fighting Irish tradition - College Football News
It’s so easy to take cheap shots on the bus out of town. USC beat up — and beat down — Notre Dame on Saturday, and since then, several USC players have said that the Irish gave up, that they are a bunch of quitters.

The Numerical, with a Buffalo Mention (not a good one)

The Numerical, Week 8: Seth Doege, The 2,000/1,000 Club And Diversity -
Approximate percentage of point-after-touchdown kicks that miss the mark. This includes the kick missed by Buffalo kicker Peter Fardon with 14 seconds remaining in their 31-30 loss to Northern Illinois. The Bulls have actually been semi-competitive this season, but two losses by three points or less have stunted their visible growth.

But this week in Schadenfreude is always worth the read

This Week In Schadenfreude: Wisconsin Rejects Your So-Called 'Objective Reality' -
Desperate Badger fans hurriedly look up parallax for maximum internet victory. The Old Man Card is played. West Virginia fans have itchy trigger fingers. Illinois fans not quite over the fact they have a parrot for a head coach. Minnesota accurately compared to Sylvia Plath novel. And UCLA fans seem suddenly reasonable.