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Talking Bull: ¿Habla Espaniol? Kourtney Brown Does!

Usted es rechazado
Usted es rechazado

When all time UB leading scorer Kourtney Brown was passed over in the WNBA draft she decided to go play in Europe, specifically in spain. Browns Debut was nothing short of spectacular.

La computadora de la LF2: Lo bueno está en el interior - Baloncesto
Si mantiene el nivel exhibido en el primer partido, Cáceres puede soñar con todo de la mano de Kourtney Brown. No podía haber tenido mejor debut liguero en España la ala-pivot procedente de la Universidad de Buffalo. Esta jugadora se mostró el pasado sábado como la clave para conseguir la victoria en el debut del Femenino Cáceres. 40 puntos, 9 rebotes, 2 robos, 2 tapones colocados y 10 faltas recibidas en 38 minutos no podían tener otra suma que unos estratosféricos 47 de valoración.

I don't speak spanish but googles spanish translation software will help

If you keep the level exhibited in the first game, Caceres can dream all at the hands of Kourtney Brown. I could not have had better league debut in Spain the power forward from the University of Buffalo. This player was last Saturday as the key to victory in the debut of Women Cáceres. 40 points, 9 rebounds, 2 steals, 2 caps in place and 10 fouls in 38 minutes could have no other sum as a stratospheric valuation 47.
Aww Hamburgers!

Ok basically Browns 40 Points, 9 rebounds, 2 steals, 2 blacks and ten free throws in 38 minutes was the key to winning her debut in Caceres. She was named the team MVP for the week. Way to go Kourtney!

Speaking of hoops, its all smiles around Campus again!

McDowell grad Smiley gets position with Buffalo basketball team | Times-News
Former McDowell star Sean Smiley has signed on to serve as a men's basketball team administrative assistant for his alma mater, the University at Buffalo.

Anderson gets mentioned on ESPN

Non-AQ Players of the Week - College Football Nation Blog - ESPN
Offense: Chazz Anderson, QB, Buffalo. Accounted for 460 yards of total offense and four touchdowns in a 31-30 loss to Northern Illinois. Anderson completed a school record 35 passes on 53 attempts for 406 yards and three touchdowns, including one with just 14 seconds left in regulation that pulled Buffalo to within one before a missed extra point made the difference.

The Slow death march of the Big East Continues

West Virginia lined up to leave Big East for Big 12 -
The Big East Football Conference's survival as a league with BCS automatic-qualifier status is about to take a serious hit because the Big 12 has lined up West Virginia to replace Missouri, The Post has learned.

Just for fun, lets give Nick Saba a Ticket and check out OSU's new helmets

PHOTO: World's Bravest Law Enforcement Officer Ticketing Nick Saban - From Our Editors -
Alabama beat writer Izzy Gould, you will be remembered fondly. This is a lie -- as of tomorrow morning, you never existed. Your photograph of Crimson Tide coach Nick Saban's car* being hit with a parking ticket will be flushed from the Internet shortly. The ticketing officer, however, has shown just enough fearless gumption to be moved to second string on the linebacker depth chart.

Ohio State To Feature New Helmet For Wisconsin Game - From Our Editors -
Because God forbid we go one week without a new helmet or uniform design...