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Bulls Oust Huskies for a 5 Game Winning Streak

Swimming Team
Swimming Team

K-Mass is back, sorry for the delay, I have been starting a business and just moved Back to Buffalo after a 3 day stint in Boston. I came back to a solid, yet sloppy UB win. I am very encouraged to say 2,347 fans showed up for todays game and we gave them a win!

Now that the Bulls are 13-6 (5-2), I think its safe to say we are finally a top team in the MAC. Sorry to break this to you O-Zoner. Could we be representing the MAC in the Bracket-buster's TV Game? I'd say there is a large chance. 

Zach Filzen Showed up early and often, and once again continues his three point sharp shooting today for the Bulls. Hitting 5 3's and finishing with game leading 21 points. Byron Mulkey Also played very well today with his 19 points and 5 boards. 

The Bulls found an answer for the JV offense of Northern Illinois. I swear they had their power forward barley able to get down the floor, and he would stand at the arch and just chuck threes. It was straight street ball type of basketball. Anyways, Xavier didn't overly show up with his 20 points. He gets to the line often and is very confident and cool. However, when no one else on his team can score in double digits, and he has to put up over 30 to give his team a chance to win. 

7:00 PM Wednesday UB Vs Slumping Toldeo - Be there loud!!!

See everyone then!

  Favorite NIU Player - Easily Sunshine (guess you have to go to know who I'm talking about) 

K-Mass' Nugget Of The Day - The student section was packed today, and came in over 750 strong. Big props to the UB swimming/diving team. They showed up loud, proud, and hilarious. Thanks guys!