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Verbally Yours: Reggie McKnight

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If the Bulls can get things squared away on the line and behind center thenthis years receivers are going to get a lot of work. Quinn's System, at Cincinnati, made common use of four and five wide receiver sets. Even with the impressive performance of guys like Rivers and Neutz (among others) the Bulls could easily run their wide-outs to exhaustion trying to keep up, Coach Duval's work not withstanding.

So far this year Jeff Quinn has pulled in two receivers. Ron Willoughby and Reggie McKnight. While there may be no huge need for a receiver this season having McKnight in the mix will be a welcome security blanket..

McKnight was the Spartans leading receiver, pulling in 31 receptions for 444 yards (14.1 yards per reception). Hollywood Hills was a run first team with 75% of their playes from scrimmage were runs but when they did pass it was usually to McKnight McKnight (47% team receptions).

A quality talent who runs well, catches the ball in traffic and has the ability to make plays for the Spartans. As a junior, he showcased his skills and has become an offensive leader as he heads into his senior season. -- Miami Herald

Name Reggie McNIght
Position Wide Receiver
Scout * *
HS Hollywood Hills High School
Hometown Hollywood, Fla
Proposed Nick-Name* McKnight Rider
Awards 2nd Team All District
Starter in Broward Vs Dade All Star Game


Even with the secondary nature of the passing game, and the football rich grounds of south Florida and McKnight Earned 2nd team all district and a starting spot on Mark Guandolo's Broward squad for the first ever Miami-Dade vs. Broward All-Star Football Game.