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Bulls upset Ohio with a blistering second half.

Through the first two conference losses of the season Byron Mulkey and Zach Filzen were the missing men. The guards who helped carry the Bulls to a surprising out of conference run were nowhere to be seen against Bowling Green or Miami. Against Kent Mulkey got his groove back netting a career high 27 points and yesterday Filzen sparked a thundering second half comeback against the Bobcats.

I'd like to touch on the refs, who were awful. Both Squads got bad calls against them and the number of missed calls was astounding. There were some pretty blatant fouls missed in the second half, perhaps the refs were trying to compensate for the fact UB got called for blinking under the basket throughout the first.

Zebras aside it was nice to see coach Witherspoon rally the troops. Truth be known I was waiting for the wheels to fall off once we tied the game but UB, despite some foul trouble, finished off a comeback that started then they went into halftime trailing by 18, 43-25.

The Bulls were 18 of 25  in the second half (72 percent) in a matchup of the MAC's top two scoring teams. The Bulls then took their first lead, 55-53, on Byron Mulkey's layup with 7:45 remaining. After the Ohio tied it at 55, Buffalo scored five straight to pull away.

Byron Mulkey salvaged a respectable game, Javon McCrea was a beast and Filzen led the team but the unsung hero of the game is Mitchell Watt. Eight rebounds was nice but the stat of the game was being 6-6 from the line.

The bad news? UB cant seem to count on their guards showing up each and every game. The good news is that unlike some recent seasons the team does not seem to need just one guy to show up. The ability of Filzen or Mulkey to play solid ball even if they are the only ones whos game is on.

Throw in solid bench scoring from the bench, mostly Javon McCrea, and the Bulls have a potent recipe for a run in the MAC. At 3-2 in the east the are probably one of the top five or so teams in the conference. But if one thing has been revealed about the MAC so far its that parity reigns supreme. If Kent beats Miami today the Bulls will be in a four way tie for the east with Kent, Akron, Bowling Green, and Miami.