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Verbally Yours: Khari Brown

Brown, like several of this seasons recruits, is as accomplished on the mat as he is on the field.
Brown, like several of this seasons recruits, is as accomplished on the mat as he is on the field.

If last years off season taught us anything it's that you can never have enough linebackers. While the unit performed very well during the season it did so without two players everyone thought would be key to the effort. Darius Willis left, eventually landing at Kansas, while Scott Pettigrew was lost for the season to injury.

What was left of the linebackers did an amazing job but as with most positions if you want to win consistently you need to have depth. Enter Khari Brown! Brown could compete for a key role in the linebacker rotation.

Name Khari Brown
Position Linebacker
High School Bishop McNamara
Hometown Forestville, Maryland
Awards 2nd team all county (2010)
3rd team all confernece (2009)
2nd team all conference (2010)
Proposed Nick-Name* UPS (Brown Delivers)

One of the top dozen or so MD wrestlers in his weight class


He was UB's 11th verbal of the season, coming in days before the season kicked off. At the time he was the first defensive recruit that was not slated as a lineman. ESPN has him as a top 75 LB nationwide and its not hard to see why:


ESPN Describes Brown as "a tough customer with good run stopping ability. Has the size along with enough athleticism for the inside linebacker position at the major level of competition; flashes good run and blocking toughness as a fullback. His tackling skills indicate the potential for production as a special teams player".

Brown has put in a respectable number of snaps on both sides of the ball (linebacker / fullback). He showed not only the ability to block but solid running and soft hands (including a 25 yard reception against Spingarn. Defensively he led the team with more than 175 tackles during his Junior Season.

Right off the bat you have to think that their is, perhaps, a shot for some real playing time next season. Not only is he an accomplished athlete but he is, to date, our only incoming linebacker.