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Behind Enemy Lines: Bowling Green


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This week UB takes on Bowling Green. The Falcons came as close to actual castration as is possible on a football field last week against Michigan but on a week when Ohio, Missouri, and UConn would all drop 40+ on their foes the beat down in the Big House should quickly fade to the back of our minds.

What Bowling Green has done this year is beat an FBS opponent and score a rushing touchdowns two things that the Bulls have yet to do.

BJ Fischer runs "Falcon Blog" on of the more seasoned MAC sites out there on the interwebs, and he was kind enough to initiate a blog swap. Last season BJ won our 'Blog defacement bet' wherein I had to put "owned by Falcon Blog" up on my header for a week. Now that I am on SBNation I am unable to make the same bet, so one of us is getting off east this season.

Buffalo and Bowling Green are facing similar offensive personnel challenges this season. Obviously Buffalo fans have been a bit disappointed so for, how are Bowling Green fans felling about their offensive progress.

I think Falcon fans had pretty reasonable expectations coming in, and are pleased with the offensive progress. Schilz was pretty good when healthy, and Kamar Jorden and Ty Pronty are turning into real playmakers at WR. We hoped to get a little stronger running game--which has not occurred, largely due to issues only the offensive line. In total, I think Falcon fans are pleasantly surprised with the offense.

To put it lightly Buffalo and Bowling green have had trouble holding onto the ball (both teams have 10 turnovers). On our side it's been really bad with two pick sixes against UConn. Have bowling greens problems been due to pressure on the QB or inexperience at the position?

I mostly attribute it to Schilz' injury. Schilz threw only 4 INTS in 108 attempts, while his replacements have thrown 3 in 39 attempts. Certainly, Schilz made a freshmen mistake here or there, but not due to pressure.

You guys have a murderers row of a schedule, where do you see Bowling Green finishing up this year?

We are 1-3, which is right where I said we would be at the beginning of the season. It doesn't get any easier--we go to OU and Temple after the Buffalo game and the UT game is on the road. We don't play Akron or Eastern. I picked us to finish 4-8 at the beginning. I'm a little more optimistic than that, because we competed effectively in the Temple and Tulsa games. I'm thinking we could pick off the Kent game, which is at home, so maybe 5-7.

UB is dying to get it's running game going and I have to blutly say I don't see a better chance than against the Falcons (ok maybe EMU but the season is over by then). Putting aside Michigan you are still 0.4 yards per game away from the cellar of the MAC. is this just the level of competition you have faced or can Buffalo really get the ground game going?

Interestingly, I went back and looked at last year, and you lit us up pretty good on the ground. BG has made more runners look like Heisman Trophy winners than anyone else I know. In fact, Dennard Robinson was the first one who looked like a Heisman Trophy candidate who actually was. It is not just the level of the competition. This team continues to tackle poorly and is young on top of it. We did do a decent job at Marshall, and if we tackle effectively, we can hold our own.

Will Greg Brandon make a guest appearance for a pre-game fan rally?

Yours or ours?