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Daily Bull

Blue Ribbon Releases Preseason MAC Rankings Not a lot of love for Buffalo who is picked fifth in the east. The Bulls also place nobody on the pre-season all conference team.

Mens Soccer Down hartwick UB shutout Hartwick to start conference play 1-0, the Bulls are now 4-4 on the year.

From Vancouver with love - The Spectrum - Sports Dana Musil, a freshman, is no small part of this years success for UB volley Ball.

Ron English 'It goes around' Is Ron English already thingking about life after EMU? After staring 0-16 it just might be wise to consider the future. After the OSU beatdown English was quoted as saying "Every dog has his day. I've had my days. I'm taking mine right now. I'm sure there'll be a day when I'm giving mine again, whether it be here or somewhere else"

Quinn still believes in Oliver Despite a lack luster running game, the only in division one football without a rushing touchdown, Coach Quinn is still sticking with Branden Oliver. Jeffvon Gill has fallen to fourth on the depth chart this week. (Edit: Apparently Gill has a minor Ankle injury from UConn, so I'll back him being fourth, the rest of the poll still stands)