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How did UB's 2010 Foes do this past week?

So Coach Clawson how happy are you that you get to host Buffalo after that Michigan debacle?
So Coach Clawson how happy are you that you get to host Buffalo after that Michigan debacle?

Every week Bull Run takes a look at how each of the teams we have, or will, play this season did during the past week.

Opponent Sagarin Change W L Conf W L Last
Rhode Island 172 4
1 2 CAA 1 0 Bye
Baylor 55
1 Big12 0 0 W 30-13 Rice
UCF 75 -5
2 2
CUSA 0 0 L 17-13 K-State
Connecticut 69
2 BigEast 0 0 W 45-21 Buffalo
Bowling Green 94 -4
1 3 MAC 0 0 L 65-21 Michigan
N. Illinois 89 27
2 MAC 0 0 W 34-23 Minn
Temple 50
-14 3 1
MAC 1 0 L 22-14 PSU
Miami (OH) 95
2 1 MAC 1 0 L 51-13 Mizz
Ohio 107 -2
1 3
MAC 0 1 L24-23 Marshall
Ball State 152 -9
1 3
MAC 0 0 L 45-0 Iowa
E. Michigan 160 14
0 4 MAC 0 2 L 73-20 OSU
Akron 175 12
0 4
MAC 0 0 L 35-20 Indiana
Total 108
18 28 0.391 2 2 0.500

Rhode Island: The Rams were idol this week,

Next up for Rhode Island is Ivy League member Brown

Baylor: Baylor chews up bland rice

Robert Griffin's "We're not the same old Baylor, really" tour started out with a thumping of Rice. The bears buried the Owls under a wave of second quarter points and survived turnovers on two consecutive downs in the third Quarters.

Next up for the bears is Kansas and former Buffalo Coach Turner Gill. KU is a must win game if Baylor hopes to end its bowl drought.

Bowling Green: Falcons lay an egg in the Big House

Michigan went through three QB's and all of them made Bowling Greens defense look like htey were running in slow motion. Putting up more than 700 yards of offense and 60 points on the hapless Falcons. If there was a bright spot for Bowling Green it might be the garbage time touchdowns that get them going for conference play.

Next up for Bowling Green is Buffalo.

Northern Illinois: Kill and company bury the Gophers

NIU and Minnesota traded leads early but the Huskies took the lead for good in the second quarter and put the game away in the fourth. Being out gained by one hundred yards and holding the ball for 13 minutes less than the Gophers was no problem for Chad Spann who put up 200+ yards.

Next up for NIU is a trip to Akron

Temple: Owls hopes to win pierced by injury

Temple played an amazing first half and their defense did everything they could to steal one away from Penn State but a mediocre passing game and a grade one ankle injury to Bernard Pierce left the Owl's coming up short. Still, the defensive clinic should convine any reminging doubter that Temple is the team to beat in the East, perhaps the MAC.

Next up for Temple is a trip to Army

Miami: Tigers 'show me' the Red Hawks are still rebuilding

Twenty minutes and twenty eight Missouri points would pass before Miami got on the board. The last 40 minutes of the game looked about the same as the first 20 and Missouri destroyed Miami 51-13. The Redhawks would get into the end zone with less than two minutes left, behind the arm of Backup Austin Boucher.

Next up for Miami is a home game against Kent

Ohio: Fortune favors the meek as OU's 2 point conversion.

Ohhhhhh-hio you did it again. First you fail the east by letting the Rockets take you at home, then you let 0-3 Marshall claim their first win of the year against a MAC team. The Bobcats took a one point lead late in the 3rd, Marshall would answer right back with a seventy yard touchdown drive and a two point conversion.

Ohio would stop a 4th and two attempt with about a minute left then drive 72 yards in 61 seconds, scoring as time expired. OU, not wanting to bother with overtime went for two and thre an incomplete pass.

Next up for Ohio is, hopefully, some healing against EMU

Ball State: Iowa soars, Cardnials plunge

With 5:09 left in the fourth quarter Ball State would run up a 6 play 19 yard drive that would do something special. The drive got the Cardinals over one hundred yards of offense in the game, the closest thing to a highlight for BSU. This game, if it were a boxing match would be Joe Fraizer versus Frasier Crane.

Next up for Ball State is the start MAC Play and CMU.

Eastern Michigan: Making Bowling Green and Miami look effective

Aside from the end of the first half Ohio State had just three drives not end with a score, and just four that did not end with a touchdown. EMU had just three drives than four drives that went more than three plays, and just three that went more than ten yards.

Alex Gillette was the lone bright spot sporting a serviceable 13/22 for 200 yards and two touchdowns.

EMU continues its quest for Ron English's first win next week when they host Ohio.

Akron: Indiana faces Akron's best, laughs

Relax zips fans, the team is looking better! iCoach had you within one touchdown of a Big Ten team late in the second and that, and this is on the heels of hanging with Kentucky for nearly a half. Pretty soon the jokes about hapless, winless Akron will stop. The only question is which MAC opponent will be the one that get's you of the schnide.

Next up for the Zips, a chance to upset NIU at home?