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Javon "McCrea-zy" Leads UB to double digit win

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UB Freshman forward Javon McCrea leads UB to a big victory 87-76 on Saturday night. The Bulls fight back to a record of 2-1 and await the 2-1 Canisius Golden Griffins (ewww, my Sisters Alma Matter).

"Keep on coming" Byron Mulkey Screamed to me as he slapped the fans hands after a much deserving victory.

UB broke the early press that Towson played, they came out aggressive, and full of energy.

"We did not expect them to come out with so much energy" Reggie said in his post game press conference. Towson came out to a 5-2 lead two minutes into the game. Filzen quickly hit two quick and needed three point jumpers, sandwiched in with a Byron Mulkey layup and UB took an early 10-7 lead, and never looked back the rest of the game.

Filzen continued with his early stroke hitting his third three pointer with 13:13 left in the first half. This was a big bucket because no one else was scoring on the Bulls team as Filzen had 9 of the 16 points during the first 7 minutes.

UB began to score at will after McCrea came in off the bench, shooting to a 38-27 lead with 5 minutes left in the first half.

Towson came storming back to close the gap to 40-38 after two Josh Brown free throws, with only 90 seconds left in the first half.

The Bulls then scored 10 points within the final 90 seconds including 2 steals, 2 McCrea rebounds, 3 McCrea points, and a Dave Barnett three as the buzzer sounded.

The second half was played more inside for UB, and Watt, and McCrea took over after 4 fouls by Alston and Robinson, who were frequently put on the bench due to foul trouble.

However UB scored their 72nd point with 5 minutes left to go, and they were stalemated for around 3 minutes. Towson closed the gap to within 4 at a score of 72-68. Mulkey made two free throws, and a Dave Barnett steal, followed by a big offensive rebound and put back by McCrea to make it 77-68, after a free throw fest UB pulled off a much needed win 87-67.

Zach Filzen ende the game with 26 points and 6 rebounds and 5-7 from three point. He clearly responded to my nugget after the last post game write up. Good job Zach, keep these numbers up and you will find your self on the MAC All Conference team!

Player of the game?

Javon McCrea 14 points and 12 rebounds and 66% FG%

-He added much needed burst of energy off the bench, and is looking like we have a star on our hands. Do you remember the last time you were that excited for a Freshman who was actually playing like this? He is like a better version of Calvin Betts. As we know it only takes one huge recruit to be a MAC powerhouse. Byron was right, if you read my initial preseason write up. Alright enough gloating.

K-Mass' Nugget of the night - UB FANS NEED to COME OUT. We are getting decent local support, and decent season ticket holder support. True Blue consisted of roughly 30 people tonight, and I was asked by a new JuCo Transfer

"Why is this place so empty, we have a sweet team, and a sweet place to play"

I chirped back with - " Yeah, you should have seen this place for the Pitt and UConn game.

Lets bring some noise fans, we have the stadium that allows for it.

Who is going on the road with me to go "Golden Griffin" hunting?