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MAC Power Rankings: Trick or Treat

Rank Team Trick or Treat?
1 Northern Illinois Treat - Candy Apples- Watching Spann And Harnish do their thing is the Carmel covering on a crisp squad
2 Temple Treat - Halloween Cookies- Al Golden has spent years putting together just the right ingredients to make the Owls a success
3 Ohio Treat - Kit - Kat Bars- The layered approach of Jackson and Bates has paid off this year as Ohio is clearly the only team with a shot at Temple in the east
4 Toledo Treat - Candy Corn - These things take awhile to grow on you, but once they do they are an addictive treat
5 Miami Treat - Dots- The Redhawks loomed large after last weeks win over CMU but Ohio just brought them down to size. Still knowing Dysert is only a sophomore is a treat
6 Central Michigan Treat - Sour patch Kids- Watching Temple and NIU run away from them has to make CMU fans a little sour.
7 Kent State Treat - Fruit- Technically this is a treat, but barely.
8 Western Michigan Trick - Joy Buzzer- Every once and a while they deliver a real shock, but the true victims are Bronco fans wanting consistency
9 Eastern Michigan Trick - Toilet Paper the House- A week after moving into a new house, one on 'win street' the punks from Virginia reminded them of where they came from.
10 Ball State Trick - Flaming Bag of Dog Poo- Just when you thought Stan Parrish was going to stomp out a fire you end up smelling like crap
11 Bowling Green Trick - Plastic Dog Poo- This is a team that may not really be crap, but it sure looks like it at the moment
12 Buffalo Trick - Sugar in the Gas Tank- As the weeks go on Jeff Quinn's team sputters more and more, they broke down completely this week.
13 Akron Trick - Ding Dong Ditch- How many Akron Fans want to ditch on their season tickets?