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MAC Blogger Roundtable


Hosted this week by Temple Football Forever


TFF: Eastern Michigan surprised Ball State last week, but was it the most baffling result of the weekend?

Temple and Bowling Green:

How in the world do you let the Falcon's hang around like that. The week after getting taken behind the woodshed by NIU it looks really bad that the Owl's could not Bury BG. Don't get me wrong I think Chester Stewart doing clipboard curls this week will help the cause but still, the play calling was baffling. If they struggle this week against Buffalo (don't blow them out of Amherst) then it's really looking like the East is up for grabs (Temple, Ohio, Miami).

TFF: Pick the four bowl tie-in contestants and, just for fun, polish the crystal ball and figure out who is going to Mobile, Detroit, Boise, etc.

Break this up into categories:

Going Bowling unless an asteroid hits the school - NIU, Toledo and Temple:

NIU and Temple Each has already obtained five wins with some cake games ahead of them (Akron, EMU).

Toledo with four has EMU and Ball State on their schedule. They also host CMU in the final week and the Chips are very mortal this year.

Going Bowling unless they are hit by a terrible flu bug - Ohio and Miami (yes Miami).

The winner of this weeks game has five wins, the loser needs two, maybe three more. If Ohio Wins then all the Bobcats need to do is beat ULL or Kent, both winnable games. Miami would need to beat Akron (cake walk) and Bowling Green or Buffalo. If Miami Wins then then all they need to do is beat Akron. Ohio would need to beat ULL and Kent, they will also probably beat Buffalo.

Going Bowling with the help of a Faustian contract: Buffalo, WMU:

Both the Bulls and Bronco's have looked terrible this season but they have enough soft games left to get to six wins.

Buffalo has Akron, EMU, and BSU all teams they could beat. They would need to upset Ohio or Miami either of which would be a tall order

WMU has Akron, EMU, Bowling Green and Kent, again very winnable games. They also get a shot at the Chips.

Predicting who goes to what game? Impossible in the MAC because bowls are less tied to ranking then they are to back room deals. If I had to guess NIU will win the conference and goes to Detroit to face a Big 10 Team. After being sent to Canada last season the Huskies should get the Bowl which is geographically closest to them. Temple goes to the Go-Daddy Bowl in Mobile. Ohio is off to Boise and Toledo plays cleanup picking up an at-large.

TFF: Last year there were five MAC bowl teams.

How many this year? Four, tops.

TFF: Who is the offensive player of the year (and the runnerup) so far in the MAC?

Easily that's Chandler Harnish from NIU, after being relegated to the backup role in week one he has been on fire. After that I would say Zack Dysert from Miami who really is starting to look like he might be the next great MAC QB.

TFF: Rank 'em in any order you please?

Chances that they will be in the MAC in 10 years

1) Kent
2) CMU
3) WMU
4) Ball State
5) Bowling Green
6) Miami
7) EMU (MAC's choice not theirs)
8) Akron
9) Toledo
10) Ohio
11) NIU
12) Buffalo
13) Temple