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Buffalo Bulls Men's Tennis falls to NJIT 4-3 Saturday

UB Athletics

Men's Tennis saw their win streak come to an end today in a 4-3 loss to NJIT in New Jersey, where the Bulls opened up an early lead with a sweep of the doubles contests, but couldn't split the singles matches to maintain it.

Three different Bulls went down in straight sets, and Ethan Nittolo at #4 singles forced a third set, but we don't know how badly he dropped it.

Pablo Alvarez continues to win at #2 singles - I believe he has only a single loss this spring - but he was the only Bull to claim a victory among the top four, forcing UB to get wins from both Akhil Mehta and Artur Culicovschi at #5 and #6 (NJIT only has four courts, so the singles matches were not all contested simultaneously.

Mehta held up his end of the bargain, but Culcovschi fell in straight sets to give NJIT the come-from-behind win. This is UB's second 4-3 loss of the season and ends their streak before a face off with nationally ranked Princeton tomorrow. That match will be livestreamed by the Tigers.

UPDATE: UB has now posted the full scores on their site, rather than just what was on the team Twitter account. Looks like Nittolo was only broken once and that was the difference in his third set.

1. Hromic/Alvarez (UB) def. Schultz/Hall (NJIT), 7-6
2. Hajdu-Andersson/Mehta (UB) def. Alban/Cimrman (NJIT), 6-1
3. Arevalillo/Nittolo (UB) def. Rangga/Zvikas (NJIT), 6-4

1. Markus Schultz (NJIT) def. Amar Hromic (UB), 6-3, 6-1
2. Pablo Alvarez (UB) def. Andres Alban (NJIT), 7-6, 6-3
3. Ian Cimrman (NJIT) def. Sergio Arevalillo (UB), 6-2, 6-4
4. Arnauld Hall (NJIT) def. Ethan Nittolo (UB), 6-2, 1-6, 6-4
5. Akhil Mehta (UB) def. Rich Rangga (NJIT), 7-6, 7-5
6. Lucas Zuikas (NJIT) def. Artur Culicovschi (UB), 6-1, 6-3