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Miami Redhawks vs Buffalo Bulls football: UB Report Card from 29-24 Win

Aaron Doster-USA TODAY Sports

We're one game through midweek MACtion and it's time to grade out our modest win over Miami (Not FL):

Quarterbacks- C+

On paper, Joe Licata had a good night. If you were to just look at his stat line you would see that he completed 22 of his 29 throws. You'd also see that he threw for 289 yards and 2 touchdown's. Unfortunately, the game did not look as good as it was on paper. Joe mostly threw into coverage and had his receivers do the dirty work this time around. There was a play where he threw into triple coverage. His decision making wasn't there as he also gave up four yards on an attempted rush. Also, he should've had many more interceptions. If it wasn't for his stats, Licata would easily have a C.

Running Backs- A-

This is one of the rare grades on this weeks report card. It's because UB might be 3-5 without Jordan Johnson. After a 150 yard effort, Johnson backed it up with a solid 123 yard game off of 28 attempts. He even got away for a 48 yard gain on a drive that would have a touchdown. A limited Anthone Taylor did a decent job while Johnson was resting and picked up 28 more yards for the Bulls. I guess we can always count on our running backs.

Wide Receivers + Tight Ends- B+

I have to give the wide receivers and tight ends a lot of credit. They really held up the passing game in this one. Many of the passes that these guys received were fought for in coverage. It makes us very lucky that there aren't any major injuries from top contributors. The biggest highlight was Willoughby getting 87 yards from only two receptions. His 78 yard touchdown was easily the biggest highlight of the game even though he had to juggle to get the catch. Matt Weiser also had a good day where he received for 56 yards on 5 attempts. Collin Lisa and Jacob Martinez also had some very solid days. These are definitely the guys who held this offense together.

Offensive Line- B-

It was an average day for the offensive line. They rarely shot themselves in the foot and protected Licata. Licata did get sacked once and was unable to prevent the occasional lineman from getting through as they allowed 7 tackles for a loss of 24 yards.

Defensive Line- C+

Although there was a sack from this unit, the pressure was not there. Billy Bahl was a freshman quarterback and it would've been the right thing to do by blitzing him and forcing mistakes. It wasn't the best day for this group.

Linebackers- B

The Linebackers were the only part of the defense that brought some kind of pressure to the quarterback. Okezie Alozie and Brandon Berry combined for a sack a piece and 14 yards lost. The unit only had 17 tackles on the day but did get a few tackles for a loss. I can't rate these guys higher because of the fact that there was no defensive pressure in the fourth quarter from this unit.

Defensive Backs- C

It was a tough day for the defensive backs even though there were some good highlights. Boise Ross now has the school record for pass breakups with a total of 18. Marqus Baker also recorded 5 pass breakups during this game. That's just about all of the good there is from this unit. The grade for these guys is brought down because of multiple pass interference calls that made this game closer than it should've been.

Special Teams- C-

This was one of the worst performances for special teams. A blocked PAT and a blocked field goal attempt is not acceptable by any means.

Coaching- C+

This wasn't the best game in terms of coaching. We were again setting up the run with a pass (which still bewilders my mind). There was barely any blitzing late and it seemed like UB could've lost this one if Miami had a little more time. The only slack I'll give the coaching staff this time is that UB wasn't rested at all for this game.

Overall GPA- 2.59